Factory Gearbox Training & Certification

Power Transmission Services team members have extensive factory training with certifications by well known makers of industrial transmissions.  Our clients and partnerships span the globe. From front main bearing to bedplate, we know the cause of breakdowns. Our repairs result in a better, smoothing operating transmission.

Factory training and/or service center for the following:

Power Transmission Services repairs Sumitomo Gearboxes and Industrial Transmissions

PTS has lead the industry in service to Sumitomo drives for decades.

Power Transmission Services Gearbox Repairs for Amarillo Gears

PTS renews Amarillo drives through precise dependable work.

Falk repairs by Power Transmission Services

We repair obsolete Mar-Dustrial gear drive parts.

Power Transmission Services Gearbox Repair Service for Hansen Industrial Gearboxes

Servicing all Hansen industrial gearboxes.

Horsburgh & Scott Gearbox Repair

We provide the best service to heavy duty gearing.

Link Belt Serviced by Power Transmission Services

Gearbox service and repair

PTS services Philadelphia Mixing Solution Industrial Transmissions

Gearbox service and repair

Transmission Gearbox Repair

We have extensive background with Philly Gear.

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